Thursday, October 9, 2008

Holy Moly I was tagged AGAIN!!!

Bug did it to me! I asked her this question and now she wants me to answer it:

Do you have any serious regrets in your life? On the other hand, what is the one thing in your life you are most proud of/satisfied with?

Wow! This is a toughie. I guess I have to say I am always "tempted" to have regrets. There are certain things in my life that for sure I wish I had done differently. Made some huge mistakes. Things happened as a result of decisions I made--even in good faith. But I'm pretty sure unless you are some kind of socio/psychopath, you must have some regrets. The question do you feel about them? I learned when I was younger that who I am today is the sum total of all mu life's experiences--good and bad. So would I change anything? No, I guess I wouldn't. Who knows--what I think might have been a better decision could well turn out to be disaster in my life now. So I prefer to let fate lie. And my life, despite the hardships, has been wonderful. I've seen and done amazing things. I think I made pretty good use of the life Allah gave me--I hope so anyway, insha Allah. As for the one thing I am most proud of...that's KIDS! They're not perfect by a long shot, but they sure could be a LOT worse. They are decent, loving, kind people--each one of them. I thank Allah each day for them.

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SpicyBug said...

aww thanks for answering. heehee I had to get you back. Good answers!