Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Possibly MIA, definitely crazy!

Hi All! The days are quickly winding down to DD--Departure Day. Almost 2 weeks and then I am outta here, INSHA ALLAH!!! I will post as I can, but my life has now become a frantic whirlwind of activity. And nerves. If you hearken back to one of my earlier posts, I advised one should have on hand an ample supply of tranquilizers when attempting an international move. Thank Allah, I do. I wouldn't make it without them. I am so freakin' nervous I have vertigo all the time now. Which might be kinda fun if I could just sit and let the feeling pass. Kinda like what I get when riding a roller coaster. Buy alas and alack, I have no time to sit. But this too shall pass. Soon I will be relaxing in sunny Port Said, insha Allah. Below, for your viewing enjoyment. Me now...then me in Port Said. One frantic me not giving a hoot! Until next time...

Now where did I put the new deodorant and shower gel???

Who needs deodorant???