Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Expat Focus: Packing Tips for the Airplane Ride

Maybe the whole world already knows this but I just discovered it and so want to share! Most airlines now limit luggage to suitcases of 60 linear inches and 50 pounds of stuff. And most suitcases weigh at least 5 pounds--the cheaper ones that is--and the more expensive ones a lot more. So I decided to use boxes--and coincidentally U-Haul sells very large boxes that are exactly 60 linear inches! Yippee! And I don't think they weigh even two pounds but are very sturdy--enough to easily handle 50 pounds of gar-bajj! So I am buying 10--4 of them for the free luggage for Mom and me, and 6 extra which I hope and PRAY will fit all the other junk I must take! Its gonna be a stretch, but I sure will try.

And another thing I learned...instead of buying pricey "Spacebags", just line the boxes with large garbage can liners, stuff and stuff, and when you cant stuff anymore, insert a vacuum cleaner hose into the liner and gather the edges around the hose and let her rip! The suction takes out all the air--which takes up space--and you can keep stuffing then to your 50 pound limit!!! If your junk goes over the top once you hit 50 pounds, suck out the air again, tie up the trash bag and seal! Voila! Just thought you might like to know! ;-)))


TRiPLE M said...

Thanks...useful tips and nice blog.

Queen O'Danile said...

Welcome Triple M---thanks for your visit and hope you come back soon. I just checked your blog and left a couple of comments. It's very nice.

Safiyyah said...

I had to laugh when I saw the fan (I think it's a fan, lol) in your post. One time I went to Puerto Rico and my traveling companion brought a fan, he even brought it as carry-on luggage. Not until we arrived did I understand the need for that PRECIOUS fan!

I can imagine the difficulty of packing up to go overseas. One realizes how little we NEED and how much we WANT.

Good luck to you!

Queen O'Danile said...

Hiiiiiii Safiyyah! You know, I didnt even think abt the significance of that fan until you mentioned it--and that is just a prop pic from U-Haul's site, but you know you are right! My first trip to Egypt--back in '91 in June, July and August was a killer. No AC, no fan--nothing! And we were dyyyying from the heat. Yet at the same time--we had a ball--and I fell in love with Egypt despite the horrible heat and humidity. And now on this--the third "permanent" move (I swear this will be the last insha Allah!), I am packing very sparingly. I said...if I cant find it in Egypt--I dont NEED it! Geez, I'm tired! Thanks for stoping by girl!