Sunday, April 6, 2008

Egypt Protest against Oppression & Corruption...Peaceful Strike, Sunday April 6, 2008

No Work
No University
No School
No Selling

We need Just Judiciary
We need Enough Salaries
We need Work
We need Education for our Children
We need Appropriate Transportations
We need Hospitals
We need Medicines for our Children
We need Freedom and Dignity

No Thug Policemen
No Cases Fabrication
No Price Hikes
No Patronage
No Torture in Police Stations
No Protection Money
No Corruption
No Bribes
No Detentions

Tell your friends and family to also start work strike by tomorrow APRIL 6.
Arabic Network for Human Rights Information backs the Egyptians right to strike.


Anonymous said...

I am so pleased to know that you are American but you are supporting Egypt with it your heart.

Queen O'Danile said...

Welcome Hisham!!! I just left a comment on your blog. I love it. To tell you the truth, from my first visit in 1991, I knew for sure I was "home". I have moved "permanently" twice there (and visited many times) already--but it was difficult for the kids in school. Now that they are grown and married--I am outta here! I love Egypt soooo much. Even my doctor says she thinks I was born on the wrong side of the world! Will be so happy to be amongst you there!