Friday, March 21, 2008

One small step for man...

one giant leap for--------womankind!!! Yes! Well, two women to be exact--my mother and me! My friend's sons came today and we actually finished what I wanted to do! Mission accomplished. With the exception of a few piles to sift through, everything has been sorted, and the masjid donations are already on their way there! The boys and their father took them tonight. Several boxes for the school still have to be delivered, but at least they are all packed and near the front door. And in the rest of the house, what I am keeping and what will be sold at cleanout has been carefully separated! Alhamdulilah, I cant believe we got as much done as we did.

We actually had the basement done in about 1 hour at most, and I never have to go down there again thank God! We worked from 9:30 this morning until about 5 and ordered pizza for dinner. Waiting for the delivery, I promptly fell asleep. Woke up when the delivery lady knocked on the door, made sure everybody had food and drink, ate a piece of pizza, and fell back to sleep! I was exhausted--more mentally I guess, but that constant brain chatter makes your body tired! So the boys watched TV in my room until they woke me up to tell me their Dad would be here in 10 minutes. Had to shake the cobwebs out of my head, said goodbye to them, and sat down here to write this post. I am just so happy, alhamdulilah, I had to share!

Now on to the next step! Insha Allah! With hardship comes ease, truly with hardship comes ease.


Cairogal said...

It's all coming together!!

Queen O'Danile said...

Yes CG alhamdulilah it is! I am really starting to get excited now! I think the scales are beginning to tip from dread of all I had to do towards excitement about actually seeing myself nearly finished and on the way! I'm starting to feel lighter!