Sunday, March 23, 2008

Let's Talk About STRESS Ba-byyyyy!!!

I've had that darn song in my mind since Arima wrote this post! Trust me...that's the furthest thing from my mind right now. I am so stressed I don't know whether to scratch my watch or wind my butt! But I am singing it anyway, substituting one "s" word for another. Seems to help me make light of an ever darkening situation.

OK, so we got to the point where I was finally ready for the "cleanout" lady. The one who came to my estate sale, bought a great TV at a bargain-basement price, and then told me she was in the cleanout business. Was willing to offer me a price for everything once I was done with the sales. So I finally got everything separated as I posted in my last update. Time to tell her she can come now. And so I called her. She was supposed to be here yesterday at 1 PM. She never showed. To top it off she wouldn't answer her #$%&* cell phone either. I am ticked. Because I cant stand games. If you're serious OK--if you want to waste my time--something I have precious little of--how about ya just buzz off, OK???

I searched the internet and couldn't find any other cleanout people who would pay me for my stuff. They want me to pay them for hauling away great stuff they will just turn around and resell at flea markets or their own garage sales. I don't thinnnnnk so! I'm naive but not that naive! So I put another ad on craigslist hoping to just sell everything in one fell swoop. At a negotiable (read "desperate) price. Ya Raab, I pull this off!

Next comes the chat I had this morning with my best friend already living in Egypt. She tells me airfare rates are to due to be raised shortly--you know they go up and down seasonally--and all of a sudden it dawned on me--oh hell--it's near the end of March and rates usually change the first of April. Thanks D for the info--the vertigo is already starting to set in again!

So I get off chat with her and race to the NWA/KLM website and see I can still book tickets for April--even May at a great "promo" rate, insha Allah. But I still wont have enough cash to book until April 1st. By then the promo might be gone! Can you feeeeel me? Can you hear me biting my nails up to my elbows and ripping my hair out by the roots? Ya Allah when will this end? Not yet apparently because...

Even if I book the tickets, I still need more money to fly the pets and carry extra luggage---hahahahahahahahah--yes, that is the insane kind of laughter, thanks for asking. I am losing it! So assuming I don't sell this crap I have left, and assuming I still can't get the title to my car to sell that, I will be stuck here until after May 1st, at which time I should have enough money to do it...providing the summer (higher) rates don't take affect by then and I lose the promoooooooooooo...blah, blah, blah.

And that ladies and gentleman is basically the story of my life. Alhamdulilah for everything! ;-)


Anonymous said...

Rabina should come together in time though inshallah and when it's over it with it will just seem like a bad dream. Keep your eye on the prize though.
I like the fact that the song was so pervasive....maybe meaning that the post won't be forgotten in a hurry- or maybe not.
Anyway I'm thinking of you :)

Anonymous said...

and oh how jealous I am that you get to live in Port Said!

Queen O'Danile said...

Oh you are just so sweet Arima. You are the age of my daughter, so convince your Mom to let you come and visit me during your holiday from school! You can soak in all the local color of Port Said with me. And there are 2 college age girls in my Egyptian family--I think you'd all get along great! So keep in touch huh, and talk to you Mum? Tell her I promise to keep you safe!

And yes...I am STILL singing that song--haha!