Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I've Been Tagged

Cairogal from the blog Here, there, and everywhere tagged me.

*Post 10 random things about yourself
*Choose 5 people to tag and a reason you chose each person
*Leave them each a comment directing them to your blog so they know they are it
*You can’t tag the person who tagged you (you’ll have to make new friends)
*As a courtesy to the person who tagged you, please let them know when you have posted so they can have the sheer delight and extra work load of reading your answers)

1. Lot of the time, I love animals more than people..and usually trust them more too.

2. I went to a private Catholic convent high school. The sisters there had me all picked out to stay and be a nun. Even now, 34 years later, I cant imagine life without sex.

3. I used to be a killer soccer and hockey player. Although I preferred field hockey, I also dreamed of being the first woman goalie for the NHL.

4. I LOVE long hair on men. Ponytails make me even crazier.

5. I was born a blonde but often dyed my hair darker. People used to joke I was the only brunette in the world with blonde roots.

6. I am addicted to all things Egyptian--especially the music and movies.

7. My best friend in the world is a man.

8. I love to sing but sound like nails on a chalkboard. I cant draw a straight line but wish I could paint. I am however, a published poet.

9. I cook Arabic food better than most Arabs.

10. The best gift I ever received in my life was being guided to Islam.

I'm tagging:
The Sphinx


Fadfadation said...

"The best gift I ever received in my life was being guided to Islam.

wow, lovely words Masha2 Allah :)

to answer your tag, i'll tease you and say: "I already did it" :P

Queen O'Danile said...

No fairrrrrrrrr F! I read it--u owe me 5 more--haha! But u r such a sweetie--so glad I got to know u!

I am trying to write the story of my conversion on my Islamic blog---it's at

I have 2 parts up already---will try for the 3rd today or tomorrow insha Allah!

The Sphinx said...

Thanks for the tag, however I might have to cheat here. I've already done that on my "About me" page, even a bit more than 10 random facts about myself..
Does this mean I'm spared? :) Still have 5 people to find.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tag..I will try my best.

I read your post on your conversion to Islam and mashallah I was very touched- you really must post the rest of it. I find it inspirational to hear these kind of stories and I believe it puts us born into the faith to shame that we often do not pursue knowledge of our religion with such fervour.

My mother also converted to Islam- at about the same time as you actually...maybe I should post on her story sometime, it always inspired me very much as a child and to this day

Queen O'Danile said...

OK Sphinx--I DID read that--so I'll let ya off the hook---but yeah---make 5 more people miserable--ok? ;-)))

Queen O'Danile said...

Hi Arima! You know--once u get past the first 3--you could probably write way more than 10. But I would be interested to hear more about you.

I, myself, love the story of how I became Muslim--we haven't even gotten to the good part yet--the miracle part! I am amazed to this day how I came to Islam. I will get it up very soon insha Allah, I promise. I am glad you liked it so far.

I would love to hear more about your Mom's story. We are probably close to the same age. I have a daughter 28, and 2 sons, 25 and 23.

Anonymous said...

Mission accomplished...tag completed.

I should think that you are similar in age. My mother converted in 1976 whilst at university in Canterbury, England. Like you she did a lot of searching until she got there but alhamdullilah she has been a Muslim since then and a wonderful example to us, her kids.
There's quite a large age gap between my siblings and I- I'm 23 and I have a brother 18 and a sister 13 :)
I think it is quite tough for my mother to bring up my sister as a Muslim here in the UK...for me and my brother it was much easier as we were brought up in Egypt and Saudi..are your kids Muslims too?

Queen O'Danile said...

Yes alhamdulilah my kids are Muslim. They spent a few years in Egypt too growing up, and went to Islamic schools here in USA. I am thankful that Allah guided me and allowed me to give birth to Muslim children. And half Egyptian too!

arachesostufo said...

nefertari e nefertiti che scrivono sul blog,,, quale onore!

Queen O'Danile said...

Arachesostufo Benvenuto! La speranza si visita spesso. Grazie per il tuo commento.