Thursday, February 14, 2008

Moving along...

I paid the deposit for the services of the estate seller this week. Our date has been confirmed. It's a small step but each step has meaning...I'm moving ever closer to my goal, insha Allah. One door nearly behind me slowly closing...another just ahead slowly opening, I am moving between the two like an anemic turtle, but I am moving nonetheless.

Still lot's of work to do in the house here. But I'm on it. This weekend we get my Mom's passport photos taken, and complete the forms. They'll be in the mail sometime next week. Beyond that, I'm trying to have a life in the meantime...enjoying my friends, playing on the 'net, thanking Allah for His favors upon me, and generally just enjoying the current peace.

After the sale, the pace will quicken, probably more than I want it to but, insha Allah, nothing I can't handle. Steady as she goes.

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