Saturday, February 2, 2008

Forgot this pic...and an update!

This pic was the reason I did that "gotta love Egypt" post to begin with! But I couldnt find it---luckily I did. This is typical Egypt. Gotta laugh about a lot of things.

Moving ahead, I spoke with my landlord today--an absolutely wonderful man--and told him we will be leaving the house by the end of March. I'd told him last summer when I renewed the lease that I would probably be moving out before the term was up. Ever the sweetheart, he asked me only for 60 days notice--which he got today! He'll probably put the "For Rent" signs up soon.

Looks like there's no turning back now huh? Actually it hasnt even entered my mind. I cant wait to be done and gone. I will finally, insha Allah, get some rest and peace of mind in Egypt.....sleeping guards not withstanding! Notice the guard on the left and the position of his gun...I have seen this so many times--that and leaning their chins on the barrel. Arent they afraid they'll blow their brains out??? As I have said before, there's nothing if not baraka in Egypt. Alhamdulilah!

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