Sunday, January 20, 2008

Good news...moving forward!

Finally met the estate seller who really seems to know what she's doing. The sale is set for March 2. Everything goes, except the few things I will take to Egypt. It's a bit scary to give up everything Mom and I worked hard for over our lifetimes, yet nothing compares to the peace of mind I know I can count on in Egypt. Soon the house will be empty, except for the suitcases we're packing. And the dog--and cat. Yes, the animals are going. Wouldn't leave my babies behind!

I will book the tickets right after the sale. Do some legal and power-of-attorney type stuff for my kids here in USA. And then...insha Allah, we're off. I expect to arrive in Egypt no later than the end of March. If Allah wills.

I expect some last minute jitters. Saying goodbye to many people and things in this city I probably will never see again in my life. That's a sobering thought. But the kids have all settled far from here, so there's really no reason to come back. I might get teary-eyed when I leave, but I know I wont miss it. Probably wont give it much thought later on. Too many stressful memories built up in this city. I associate it with only negative experiences. Sometimes there's a lot of good in goodbye.

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