Monday, October 1, 2007

Delays, delays

I should have been gone by now according to my first post. Or at least ready to go shortly. But, stuff happens. First, I got sick. Then, my "adult" kids didnt remove their own junk from my house in a timely fashion. And the estate sale got delayed because the coordinators are so very busy. Which makes me think, if they're so busy with other people who want to sell their own crap, what chance do I have of selling mine? Who buys this stuff anyway???

In the meantime, I took a trip to NJ to visit my daughter, and a son who lives nearby in Pennsylvania. Stayed there until another son rolled in from California. Then all 3 kids and I traveled back home together supposedly for them to get their things out of here once and for all. Did I mention that didnt happen? Well, they have one more shot before the end of October when the estate sale will finally be held. Good luck kids--otherwise it's off to Goodwill.

I did have the carpets cleaned 2 months ago. But they need cleaned again before the sale. Damn this dog! She was left behind when my son broke up with his fiancee. It was the fiancee's dog. And fiancee wasnt allowed to have it in her apartment. So Mom got stuck with a dog who has "accidents". Damn, damn and triple damn. Now son and fiancee are an item again, and will be getting married later this month, before son (who is in the Coast Guard) goes out on another Pacific tour. Which is another reason my trip will be delayed. Because the wedding reception will take place the beginning of January. And I do want to be here for that. But no later than January 31, 2008, I will God willing be on the plane, winging my way to Cairo, then on to Port Said where I will live. My mother will be joining me. Finally!

There's a reason for everything. I am not fretting the delay as much as I am still fretting getting everything done. It's a massive task. I am a nervous wreck. I wish I had help but I don't. I'm trying to take it small steps at a time. Hopefully this time I'll stay on schedule.

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